No Class Today

Snow Day today Tuesday, Feb 24th. Stay in, stay warm and be safe!


Celebrate Winter Solstice

  Winter Solstice Arrives Today, December 21st at 6:03PM EST in Cleveland, OH  Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year in …


Join me on this Adventure!

November 1st I will be setting off on this inner adventure with Tanya Markul editor and co-creator of Rebelle Society and Rebelle …


Back to the Mat Yogis!

Welcome Back to Yoga Class! Like most of you, I have been in the whirlwind of back-to-school transition. Rushing to get in …

Sit Down and be Quiet!

Sit Down and be Quiet!

Photo: Kim Long Photography What happens when you turn off your radio in the car, shut down your computer and cell phone? …


Hitting the wall -literally

  I received an invitation from a friend to participate in The Artist’s Way. Many of you may be familiar with the book …


Energy Flow

Week 3 of Starting a Home Practice NADIS AND ASANAS When I first learned about nadis I was fascinated! I was already …