Mindful Moment for Teens Part 2-Relaxation

Sunday, March 5th 4-5pm New students welcome! Registration Required Click HERE This month Mindful Moment for Teens offers your teen an hour to simply reconnect to themselves in a nurturing way under the guidance of certified Ayurvedic Specialist and Yoga Instructor, Julie Konrad We’ll be working on systematically relaxing the entire body. …

Celebrate Winter Solstice

  Winter Solstice Arrives in Cleveland, OH at December 21, 2015 at 11:49PM Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and from this day, until the summer solstice in June, the daylight hours increase each day. In ancient times, people held huge celebrations to welcome …

No School Means Family Yoga Tomorrow!


Stretching Hamstrings

Please join me February 12th from 9:30am-10:45:am. All ages welcome. This will be a fun, casual session where parents can share the benefits and magic of this amazing practice with their kiddos. Stay for hot chocolate and tea after class.

$10 adults
$5 Kids
Pass holders: one card punch and one child free.
RSVP’S recommended as this class may fill up. Please call 216-501-1465 and leave your name contact info. and number of spaces needed and I will confirm with you.

Don’t miss the FUN right here in the neighborhood!




Celebrate Winter Solstice



Winter Solstice Arrives in Cleveland on Monday, December 21nd at 11:49AM EST in Cleveland, OH 

Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and from this day, until the summer solstice in June, the daylight hours increase each day. In ancient times, people held huge celebrations to welcome the light, it also marks the first day of Winter.

The Winter Solstice is a wonderful time to celebrate the season with your family! Consider making ice lanterns and line your driveway or front walk, make a yule log or visit your child’s classroom and share a story about the solstice (teachers love this!). There are countless ways to celebrate the return of the sun. Here are a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy!  Be sure to let me know your solstice traditions in the comments below! Let’s welcome the LIGHT together!

  • Make a wreath from evergreens (a symbol of the Solstice) collected by family members. On or after New Year’s Day, your wreath can be returned to Nature.
  • Make your family’s favorite food and/or a cake and put a sunshine on it.  Birthday candles can be put on the dessert. Each family member can light a candle and make a wish for the holiday season or the upcoming calendar year. Once all candles are lit, the family as a whole can blow them out to send wishes on their way. Then call out “Happy Solstice” or “Good Yule” in unison.
  • Ring a bell together to celebrate your connection with the cycles of Nature and to celebrate your connection with life on planet Earth and all of Nature.
  • Light a candle (also a symbol of the Solstice) and talk about what the Solstice means. Ask family members to focus on a candle, and then extinguish. Sit in darkness for a few moments and reflect on the importance of light and of Sun to life on the planet.
  • Feed the birds! Take your family outdoors during the Winter at this Solstice time. Focus on being part of the fabric of life of Nature. Then express appreciation for the beauty of Nature. Each family member then takes a handful of seeds and focuses on the seeds as symbols of life and as messengers of goodwill toward other parts of Nature and then places the seeds in a feeder or grass. Enjoy the light!!!!

Join me on this Adventure!


November 1st I will be setting off on this inner adventure with Tanya Markul editor and
co-creator of Rebelle Society and Rebelle Wellness – my all time favorite sites for real-life stories and perspectives from women around the world!


The idea is not to find a new continent, but to rediscover, reintegrate, rebuild, recycle, reunite, rewrite, redesign, and redefine our uniqueness and our signature beauty in an everyday synchronicity with our truest, deepest selves, others and the rest of nature.

Health is synonymous with Success, in any shape or form or version. Healthy people thrive in every aspect of their lives — it is the foundation of our greatest achievements, of confidence, of limitless creativity and of longstanding relationships.


More info + sign-up:

Complete Restore Classes start 5/29 6:45pm

photo: Yogaville

Thursday Evenings from 6:45pm-8:00pm.

No class on June 19th. Click here for address and info.

This class is for anyone who feels exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed or just needs some self-care. Class is divided into three parts:
1) Opening Asana 30 min. – to open and stretch the body
2) 15 min. Meditation
3) 15 min. Long Deep Stretches (Yin Style)
4) 15 min. Savasana (Relaxation)

Please bring an eye pillow if you have one.
I look forward to guiding you.