Is Your Ladder Leaning Against the Wrong Wall?

Busyness is Modern Laziness

By: Julie Konrad

In this month’s issue of Mindful Magazine, Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter wrote a piece titled, Are You Addicted to Doing? This article sums up what I’ve been trying to say the last few weeks, so perfectly, I had to share some of it with you here:

“Action addiction is an advanced sort of laziness. It keeps us busily occupied with tasks. The busier we keep ourselves, the more we avoid being confronted with questions of life and death… We keep a safe and comfortable distance to the issues that are sometimes hard to look at…With all our activity we believe we are getting closer to something bigger. We might not know what it is, but we keep working at it. It’s like climbing a ladder as fast as we can hoping to get to the top. And someday we get there. We reach the top in the form of a job promotion, or a newly acquired house. But what’s the point of reaching the top of the ladder only to realize it’s leaning against the wrong wall?”

We think it’s good to be busy, to be active all the time. We might produce more, achieve more and even make boat loads of money, but without time to reflect, to rest, to ask questions of ourselves how can we really know what we want? Busyness just moves us further away from ourselves. Think of all the stories you know of “successful” people who also suffered feelings of emptiness and regret. Think of all those having heart attacks and stress induced illnesses as a result of this addiction.

We have things we have to do in our lives, but we have the freedom to choose whether we become action addicts. We can take time to pencil in a few moments to rest or a few evenings with no committments. Take this week to reflect on how busy you are and how much of that busyness is self-inflicted. Take time now to slow down and enjoy the simple things.


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