Change In America

Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future – John F. Kennedy


What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.
– Pericles

I LOVE this quote! It’s powerful, humbling and so true! Think about how this quote makes you feel when you read it. Does it change your perspecitve on how you view your successes in life? What defines success for you? Does your feeling of success come from money, promotions or simply how you live your life?

A very good friend of mine asked me a VERY difficult question regarding success this week as we discussed the topic. Since I have been pondering my answer all week, I’d like to offer the same question to you. This question is from the book Five Wishes by Gay Hendricks click this link to get a worksheet with the question that might just change the way you feel about your life. I know that last sentence sounds like a cheesy advertisement, but it is enlightening. I’d simply write the question, but I think Mr. Hendricks’ wouldn’t appreciate me giving away his secret. It’s worth clicking on!

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Skimming the Surface

Going Deeper

Think back to the first time you considered taking a yoga class. Can you remember your exact perception of what yoga was at the time? Did you think it was a class for only super flexible, fit people, or that it was a weird cultish thing hippies did in the 60’s, or maybe, you even thought it was a religion, or that in some way it would conflict with your own faith. Now, even if you are fairly new to the practice, you will smile at these perceptions with some wisdom, not the kind of wisdom that comes from reading yogic texts and philosophy and history, but the wisdom that comes organically from a practicing yogi/yogini. The connection begins in your first class, with the first breath. The mystery of yoga’s gifts is what keeps us coming back. Some of you are hungry to figure out the secrets, gobbling up yoga articles, meditation guides and philosophy books while others might be enjoying the ride, taking what comes to them through their classes and their teachers. It doesn’t matter how you’re taking it in, or how quickly, it’s your openness to the experience and your awareness of the layers that exist beneath the surface of your practice and your life.This week, enjoy taking your practice to another level. Dive down a little deeper into your yoga experience in whatever way that means to you – hold your poses longer and observe your thoughts, sit longer during your daily meditation, or crack open that yoga book you got for your birthday. There are more gifts waiting for you. Don’t you think it’s time to find out what they are! I do!


Everything is Going to be OK

I’ve had many troubles in my life, but the worst of them never came. 
– President James A. Garfield

Everything is going to be OK. Has anyone ever told you that and you immediately felt wrapped in comfort? Better yet, have you said this to yourself and actually believed it? It’s my belief that we don’t remind each other, or ourselves, enough of this. We’re all scared about something, and when these fears arise, we look for reassurance, it’s human instinct. I practiced this mantra for many years being a natural worry-wart, thinking I believed it, but still fearing the worst. I’ve come to find a real peace in this mantra. I still find myself worrying about things beyond my control, but I always bring it back to this little phrase and the deep sense of self that I have developed. I know I house the answers and I can choose to worry or comfort. I’ve chosen comfort. When we wait for other people to reassure us, we become more uneasy when we don’t receive the response we want and need. Like so many of the yogic principles prove, the answer already lies within us. We all feel better talking to a close friend about our concerns, and she may know us well enough to give us the reassurance we need, but sometimes she doesn’t. This is when it is important to go back to that place within us that knows we’re strong enough to handle whatever comes our way.

I encourage you to use your yoga practice this week to remind yourself of your strength, growth and determination. I’ve seen many of you, (my students) find confidence and joy in finding balance or mastering a pose after many weeks of hard work. Let this be your reminder of your inner strength to get through anything. It IS going to be OK. For all of you, even those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, find a challenging pose and begin to really focus on it this week. Take any concerns weighing heavy on your mind and throw it all into your practice! Don’t hold back! Everything is going to be OK! Let this be your mantra! And hey, try helping someone this week by offering out this simple phrase. It might be just the thing they needed to hear!

Don’t forget the strength of the human spirit!




Helping Orphans in Africa Through YOGA!

Big Yogis/Little Yogis in the Park! August 3, 2008

Thank you to EVERYONE who made The Big Yogi’s/Little Yogis event a success! It was a gorgeous, sunny morning in the park for a great cause! We chanted Om under a bright blue sky, sang songs and told stories and closed with a peaceful relaxation under a canopy of trees.

My heart is full. Seeing the love being shared by these parents and children, and friends sharing the experience with the kids in their lives, was beyond words, especially knowing that the donations are going to children who don’t have loving parents to care for them and keep them safe. The Home of Hope provides that love and care that the children so desperately need, and your donations will truly go a long, long way. Thank you all for coming, and I hope to see you again soon! Click HERE to see more photos.

If you were not able to attend, but would like to send a donation that will go directly to the Home of Hope click HERE. Check back soon for a letter from Hope Latiak, Peace Corp volunteer and Lakewood native working at the Home.

SHANTI, SHANTI, in me and you,
Peace, Peace in all we do!

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Welcome to Luna Presence Yoga!

I am thrilled to finally have my own little place on the web! Many of you have requested more information on all things yoga from where I’m teaching, to help with poses and adjustments. Some of you have simply wanted to know what music I was playing in class. This is your place to find those answers and more. I’m counting on you to send me feedback. Tell me what other information would be helpful to you so I can make this site one you will bookmark and visit often. I will post helpful hints to support your home practice, and hopefully, inspire you with some of my favorite quotes.

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Supported by the past,
Seated in the present,
Open to what the future brings.
-Patricia Walden