Start from HERE


Working With What You’ve Got!

Namaste yogis!

I go back to this quote often because it’s such a great reminder when I am feeling stuck. Whether I’m feeling limited by physical strength in my yoga practice, emotionally in a relationship or even creatively in my writing. The only thing I can do is continue moving from here, from this place. I can build strength steadily and slowing and keep showing up to my mat to practice. I can keep writing, jotting notes and continue paying attention to create a fertile ground for inspiration. But if my 40 years of life have taught me anything, it’s that forcing strength leads to injury and forcing inspiration grows frustration. I truly believe that we are all perfect, whole and complete in the moment we’re in. Your determination, hopes and dreams are manifested as you live each day building upon the day before. Paying attention, making mistakes, learning lessons, asking questions, and listening to your intuition and following your heart are what drives us toward a fuller more beautiful life.
So, today, do what you can with what you have where you are and TRUST in the Universe, God, or your higher self, and relax. Everything is in order.

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