Time to Clean that Yoga Mat!

I don’t know about you, but my yoga mat goes everywhere with me! It rolls around in the trunk of my car, I use it in several studios and even outside in the grass so, it gets dirty, not to mention the simple fact that my bare feet are the main point of contact! Besides the daily, quick wipe-downs, I like to give my mats a good scrub a few times a year. So today, I took advantage of a warm, fall day to make them squeaky clean.

How do you clean a yoga mat?
This is a question I often get from students. There are several ways to do this, such as: soaking the mat in a bathtub, manually swishing around in a top loading washing machine, hanging over a shower rod and scrubbing, and the list goes on. I’d like to share the easiest, and fastest, way I’ve found to get the job done!

Take your mat outside and find a fence,
low wall or even a lawn chair and drop your mat over it.
Spray down both sides with a hose until the water that drips off doesn’t look dirty :/

Make a solution of half water/half vinegar in a spray bottle
and spritz generously across your whole mat
(don’t forget to get the portion draping over the top by flipping it around)


Wipe down with a sponge or a new shower scrubber.
Go up and down and side-to-side along the whole mat
 Repeat on the other side.

Let the sunshine and fresh air warm and dry your mat.
Your mat will not smell like vinegar once dry, but if you’re worried,
simply hose off after you let the vinegar sit for 10 minutes
Note: It could take a few hours for your mat to dry. Flip it over once the front surface feels dry to speed up the process.

Even if it feels dry to the touch it may not be. The material absorbs the water quite well, so make sure you have plenty of time for it to dry before your next class. The last thing you want are wet pants after standing up from opening meditation!

TIP: You can also lay your wet mat on the ground, place a towel across the full length of it and then roll them up together in order to squeegee excess water out before hanging it to dry. In the cold, winter months, I hang my mat over my clothesline or laundry drying rack to dry.

Enjoy your fresh mat!


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