Namaste yogis!

Do you trust yourself? How much validation do you need to make decisions? How honest are you with yourself? Reflect on the last big decision you had to make or the last time you were verbally challenged? How did you feel afterward? How ruffled were your feathers? How unsettled were you? I’m not talking about ego here, I’m asking you to think about how you felt below the surface of the ego. When you walked away, when you hung up the phone, or went to bed were you present, settled and at peace, or disturbed, frustrated, angry or numb? We all occasionally need validation in the form of support and comfort. This, I believe is human nature, but sometimes, indecisiveness and doubt get so much in the way that we stifle our voice and in doing so we give away our power right along with our confidence. This is dangerous! I truly believe that we already know the truths of our lives and when we’re honest with ourselves, and take the time to look and listen the answers to our questions are revealed to us. We might be afraid of what action to take and it might not be the time to “do” or “not do” something, but knowing is the first step to unfolding our actions appropriately.

As your inner voice becomes louder through your mindfulness work and begins to assert itself into your actions, you’re gaining a confidence that is hard to explain but will be felt. Each time you “feel” this confidence creep up on you, don’t doubt it, recognize it and own it. Trust your wings! Hold your space and don’t let em’ take you down!

See you this week.


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